Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Impeached.  That is what should be done to Obama. Since he has been elected to be the leader of the USA. He has done nothing but raise the debt of the USA by trillions.  He has compounded his lies with more lies.  He has been at the root of one scandal after another.  He has been weakening the military by cuts to their budget.  Last but not least, he has been ignoring the Constitution to do what he wants.

Oh, I forgot to mention coming out with a so called Obamacare law that would have such a negative impact on employers. It also discourages doctors from practicing their profession, more or less pushing them out of it.

All this to me, makes it looks like he’s trying to run down the economy to zero, in other words bankrupt the nation.

Also he keeps coming up with more talk against Christianity. I read today on Facebook where Todd Starnes mentions that the DOJ’S lawmakers are angry because the administration have cut funding for the young Marines because they pledge devotion to God.

In addition to trying to bankrupt the USA he is seemingly bent on turning it into an anti-Christian society.  He has made more enemies for the USA and the threats and blackmail to countries that would accept Mr. Snowden aren't helping.

I have a feeling or a hunch that if this man doesn’t get his way, by his conduct he is liable to start a nuclear war. Like I mentioned before when this man ran for the presidency, he did not represent himself as what he really is: an Anti-Christian that doesn’t like the American nation.

Those are my opinions and I don’t give a damn as to who reads this because I’m convinced that my opinions are right on.

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