Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keystone Pipeline

When I went to the site NewsMax the other morning, the first thing I noticed in the head line was how Obama disputing about how many jobs this pipeline would create. He claims that it might create 2000 jobs while building it then to about 100 to 50 afterwards. Then he goes on to say that it would reduce the price of gas and also he mentions the pollution that it would create.

Well Mr. Obama, first of all wouldn’t be cheaper to get the oil from Canada then of all the expenses of importing it from those countries that are thousands of miles away? By taking the oil from Canada wouldn’t be safer and cheaper than having it shipped from those countries and taking a chance that something could happen to the ships carrying it and having a big oil shipment dumped in the ocean? I also read in the same article that you’re worried about the pollution of that oil.

Now I don’t see your logic about your thoughts on the pollution of this oil. This oil Mr. Obama will be sold and it will be sold to countries that might not be as well equipped to deal with the pollution as the USA might be. I can honestly say that you will not be able to convince the people that there is a corridor over the USA air space that will prevent the pollution from coming over. This is just like your attempting to make them believe that all those scandals your administration is involved in are phony.

If by chance you can convince the people that no pollution can invade the air space over the USA, then they deserve to have you as a leader.
That is my beef for today

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