Thursday, October 6, 2016

What is wrong with Liberals? Carbon Dioxide

What we need in this country would be 2 more political parties, not in addition to the existing one but to replace the Liberals and the NDP. We need parties that will care for the country and not look for excuses to create more taxes like the Liberals seem to be looking for all the time. We need some parties that would care for the country and the citizens. We did have a good prime Minister in Mr. Harper but his hair wasn't as nice as Justin Trudeau's I guess. So he wasn’t re-elected. Those who voted for a party like the Liberals because of the look of the leader’s hair have to be really short on intelligence. I’m not suggesting that his hair was the only thing that got him elected. It’s just that a lot of people don’t bother to read or listen to what is in the news about what the party that was elected has been doing or saying to manage the country. In other words they were elected so they must know what they are doing; that’s what they have as their thinking.

Here is an example of how the Liberals look every which way to have a reason to come up with more taxes. Carbon dioxide is food for plants, trees, etc. This carbon dioxide is not a carbon a pollutant like our Prime Minster Trudeau would like to call it just to make us believe it’s a pollutant.

Well I will tell you people; watch our country go down the drain the same as the province of Ontario with that dictator in charge Wynne. She's a Liberal. She’s also an example of what the Liberals are like. Our premier insist that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and she's trying to convince us that it is, just to tax something else. Tax and spend, tax and spend. Borrow and spend. You can't spend yourself rich and prosperous. It does not work for people and companies. How can it possibly work differently for a government? It can't. There's your answer. Some of us that listens to talk shows hear even the experts saying carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but food for all plants including trees.

Of course Liberals are liberals. They are money grabbers for anything. Some people will convince themselves that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and then go for it. Rotten yucky liberals. Are they working on making this country great? No way for the liberals we take care of us our party and to hell with everything else. In other words who cares about this country or the people just as long as we can draw our paychecks and that’s the same as the premier of Ontario. If anyone doesn’t like what I wrote that’s tough; that’s what everything that is happening remind me of a bunch of scroungers.

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