Thursday, April 14, 2016

The electric car

The electric car is a good idea. I don’t believe there’s any pollution caused by it and above all it’s silent. But there is a drawback to owning one and that is that you have to stop to get it recharged if you are going on a long trip. I don’t mean just around the corner. Now to recharge one of those takes approximately two hours. That would be a significant loss of time if the distance you are traveling included stopping at least twice to recharge that would be a loss of four hours of total of traveling.

Once someone had the idea of creating a charger to keep the battery charged while traveling (a generator), and later on they replaced in with an alternator which was more efficient then the generator. Then the only time lost was for refilling gas if needed and that doesn’t take 2-4 hours.

What I’m wondering is this: Why can those builders of those electric cars have some kind of charger that would recharge the batteries while driving? I know with what all that is available these days a generator could be built to whatever voltage is required in those autos and with some kind of a cutoff switch that would cut off the power to the batteries when they were fully charged or turned back on automatically as the power of the battery has drained.

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