Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a poor choice for president

Hillary Clinton would be a disaster for America. Here is why. After everything that has been reported about Hillary Clinton because of Benghazi and all the things she claimed on video and the situation with her e-mails on a private server is just too much smoker for there not to be a fire if you get my meaning.

I watched this video this morning and I would say if this is true she shouldn’t have been allowed to run for presidency and also she should have her security clearance revoked.

After opening this there were quite a bit of pictures of this woman on some she looks like a vampire on others she looks like a witch but the one that really got to me is a picture of her showing the sign of Lucifer - 2 middle fingers down with the index finger up and also the small finger up with the thumb crossing the ends of the 2 fingers that are down. Would this qualify a person to be president and also to be in possession of a security pass? 

You can make up your mind by watching the video above.

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