Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Illuminati Dancing

I watched a video on Illuminati Dancing this morning. I must say if that type of thing is called dancing, then folks, I pity the next generation that will be governing this country. Why does this generation have the audacity to think that this kind of supposed dancing (really, it's garbage) is good entertainment? Most people that watched one of those dances (in the video below or a similar one I watched) applauded when it was over. Now all this applause, was it out of politeness? I’m sure that some were glad that it was over and were feeling sorry for having wasted their time to watch something so stupid and idiotic.

Those people that were doing this kind of garbage dancing, whether they believe it or not, they are helping Satan to put the country deeper in the Abyss of Hell. I could say a lot more in regards to that garbage but I wouldn’t want to insult people that have enough brains to realize that this is not dancing but garbage directed by the devil himself and the brainless people that are there to help him.

I would like to remind them that the devil is for evil and God the only creator of all is for the good.

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