Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The planet heating up.

The Planet is heating up. Now that is a statement just asking to be laughed at. Global warming was replaced by the term climate change because as for the planet heating up, well, that was bull just so someone could make more money. Knowing that the government would hop into this lie should have been obvious to everyone. At first maybe it wasn't obvious that global warming was a lie, or bad science. But by now it should be becoming clearer to everyone that it isn't happening. And whatever climate change is happening is being caused by something much, much bigger than humanity. But tat isn't going to stop the government from scrounging more money from the people. The same people who cry about big business and the rich being greedy, seem unable to see that no one takes more from the people than the government. How blind they are. But the government has many tools at its disposal to convince people they need to be taxed more and more. One of those lies that has been very effective is global warming.

Now that lie worked for a time until the scientific truth started coming out and has proved that the science behind global warming isn't settled. Evidence points that we are in a global cooling cycle, just like back in the 1970's when Time magazine proclaimed we were headed for another ice age. Wake up people. The lie persists, and it gives the politicians something to use on the uninformed people. Since they have changed the alarm from global warming to climate change, they still have enough support to tax people on in response to climate change. This new tax is called a Carbon Tax.

Now I’ve been following all the news on the planet heating up and the icebergs in the ocean melting and all that kind of garbage. The only time the planet would heat up dangerously would be when all the politicians all over the world were to have a meeting outside all at the same time then there would be a 100% chance that the planet would heat up with all the hot air coming out of their mouths. After their meeting then there would be climate change because of the climate cooling off once they would have stopped spewing hot air that come out of their mouth.

Meanwhile stop believing all of this Chicken Little "The sky is falling" garbage without thinking for yourself just a little bit. Okay?

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