Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mr. Donald Trump

I’ve been listening to Donald Trump whenever he make some kind of statement. By what reporters would write about him and also Mrs. Clinton, it looks like the citizens can’t make up their mind as to who would be the best one to be president. I don’t blame the citizens for a couple of reasons as to why they would be confused.

I will start with Mr. Trump. This man seems to be truthful in his statements even though he does quite a bit of flip flopping in some of his statements. He seems to be a person dedicated to the nation of the USA and of its people. But his ego seems to be just as bad as Obama's and the people all over the world, especially the leaders have seen how a person with a big ego can be in making decisions - they're usually bad decisions.

When an important decision needs to be made and the person deciding has a big ego, he or she will ignore reality because to that person the decision that should be made is contrary to what he or she is thinking or wants, or wants people to think of him or her. You people in the USA have a good example of that with Obama. A person with a big ego means "do as I say and not as you would have wanted it to be". In other words do as I say or suffer the consequences because I’m the boss and not you. Obama has stated himself that he would stand for the Muslims if he had to and not with the people of the USA. Mr. Trump I’m sure he would stand for the people of the USA but with his ego he could also be a dangerous person to the whole world because his ego could put him in a bad position. And if his ego is challenged he could push that red button that could be the end of this world.

Mrs. Clinton (if enough of what has been reported about her is true) is a liar and completely not trustworthy. I have to say you people have a big problem come election time. I know some will say I'm only a Canadian so don’t pay attention to what I write about America. Yes, someone will say that. But anything that smells rotten in the USA the smell also seeps onto this side of the border and there are just as many gullible people per capita here as there are in the USA. So what happens there matters here, and we just like Americans we don't need another lousy president in America. That's especially so since we decided to give ourselves the gift of a lousy Prime Minister.

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