Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Here's a good one.

Here is proof that Justin Trudeau doesn’t have enough experience or brains to be the Prime Minister of Canada. Check out this picture that I found on Facebook.

You see what I mean? What Trudeau says about Premier Wynne of Ontario is...well, I will not say anymore on that because the picture and says it all.

This is a short rant but more could be added to it. I’m sure that some people that don’t read or watch T.V. will vote for Liberals even though the picture shows he has not got enough experience to understand even his own dumb words are so dumb as to be contemptible. It’s an insult to the English language. It also shows how stupid he thinks people are. To think that he wants people to vote him in as the Prime Minister when he speaks like that of a Premier of Ontario who is the worst one that’s ever been the Premier of Ontario. She's even worse than that stooge McGuinty. I will admit he might think that the voter are stupid and he’s right in a lot of cases. But the only stupid ones are the ones that vote liberal and the others are the smart ones to stay away from the garbage they sell.

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