Sunday, September 6, 2015

Too much talking.

On those days that welfare recipients receive their checks, stay away from the banks and grocery stores. On those days the banks and stores may as well say they belong to those people because they are inundated with them. I will admit some of those people on welfare need help and that’s why there on it. They only get one check a month so it stands to reason that they have to cash their check and shop for groceries.

My problem is not with those people but the cashiers in the stores and the tellers in the banks. It seems on those days the cashiers in the stores are quite willing to carry on a conversation with the customer while there are people waiting to cash in. I know they have to be polite but they could excuse themselves and explain to the customer that there are a lot of people waiting to cash in and cut the conversation short.

Usually I wait after the welfare days to go into a bank or grocery stores so I don’t have to wait too long. Last week I got fooled. I figured that the welfare recipients would have done what they had to do on Monday but I was wrong as they got their notice that their checks had been deposited on Monday so Tuesday and I got caught.

So I’m in the bank to withdraw the rent money which the bank machine wouldn’t give me because it was too much. So each month I go into the bank a get the money for my rent. Now when I went in there were 4 people ahead of me and all the tellers were occupied with other customers. There were 3 tellers all talking away finally 2 of them finished talking because they had finished their transactions but one just kept on talking even though the transaction was over. “I got fed up with waiting so I said to one client in front of me if they did less talking and more work we might get out of here today” (and loud enough so I could be heard all over). That stopped the one that kept on talking. Of course I received a dirty look but it was worth it.

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