Sunday, April 19, 2015

No cooperation.

Well here is another one that you might enjoy.

I entitled this no cooperation for just one reason. It seems that since a specific person who shall remain nameless, was elected as president of the USA all departments seem to be on their own. There doesn’t seem to be any cooperation amongst different government departments. I'm sure there have always been difficulties with coordinating things, but now cooperation seems all but gone. It extends from the White House outward to even schools or Colleges or Universities. The results of the shambles that exist,is that in these educational institutions, principals, teachers and professors tend to become dictators and make up their own rules. Thee have been plenty of examples of that, and I have shared several in the past. But you know who I blame? The guy I'm not naming today.

In the White House how many times have we heard the complaints by the president that he has no cooperation from congress? Doesn’t this supposed-to-be-president realize that cooperation goes both ways? I'll answer that for you: NO. Has this president ever sat down and discussed a bill that was presented to him to sign that he might not agree with entirely? I'll answer that for you too: NO. He wants Democrats to send him bills that he has dictated to them, or else if the Republicans are in charge he just vetoes them and does what he wants instead. His agenda, in his mind, trumps cooperation. That's because he believes he is always right. He has created a culture of 'my way or the highway' and it is dysfunctional. There were of course problems before but now they are extreme. Instead of using Executive Orders, why not compromise and be post-partisan like he claimed he would be back in 2008? I'll answer that for you as well: he thinks that he’s the only one that knows what is right or wrong. If he doesn’t get his way then it’s, conveniently for him, called racism.

has he ever sat down with the military brass to discuss foreign policies? Has he ever sat down and ask any of the military brass their opinion or what kind of strategy he should use against ISIL? I guess it would be beneath him to ask for advice and if he did I would hope if he got a strategy of what to do with ISIL, that it would not be reported in the newspapers.Remember when he let them know that the USA would not put troops on the ground? The reporters that report that kind of thing is just as guilty of being selfish instead of cooperating for the sake of the country. I realize that it’s a reporter’s job to report what he/she hears but the head is not something just to keep the ears apart. There are supposed to be brains inside the head and sometimes logic has to be used.

That’s my rant of the day. Have a good day.

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