Saturday, April 11, 2015

Loss of revenue to OPEC Countries

How much money would be saved if America would stop importing oil from OPEC countries? Now Mr. Obama has even admitted himself that he is sympathetic to the Muslim faith and being so, would he want the USA stop importing oil from a Muslim OPEC country? No. I really believe that to be the reason why he offers all kinds of reason for not approving the Keystone XL pipeline or allowing more drilling in the USA. This supposed to be leader's agenda is to destroy the USA. He is doing a good job at it.

He must also realize that importing oil from a friendly country (Canada, via Keystone) with more safety for the delivery and cheaper than transporting it by rail or trucks is a good thing. He must also realize it would add jobs to the American people and boost the economy which is what the USA needs at this time. He has offered all kinds of excuses for not allowing it to happen. His excuses have all been proven to be wrong. I could be wrong in my opinion but that’s what it seems to be. I also think that he is thinking of the loss of revenue to those Muslim OPEC countries. Importing oil from Canada and producing more domestically in the USA would clearly be beneficial to the economy of the USA. Both would offer more jobs and cheaper, safer oil. Even if it didn’t offer to have as many jobs as predicted it would still be cheaper than importing it from the other side of the pond. I know I will be put down as a racist (which seems to be a fad lately in the USA) because I mentioned a specific faith or because of the president's skin color. I don’t care about color or faith - my opinions are based on what makes sense for the country. I can assure you that I’m not a racist. Whether you are black or white or any color we are all still humans.

My opinions are based on what I read and by watching videos of the news. If I’m wrong well I’m wrong. But that's all I am, not racist.

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