Saturday, April 18, 2015

Harper, Obama and Jihad

I would say about a year to a year and half ago I read that our Prime Minister was going to clear this country of undesirables and deport them back from wherever they had immigrated. It was probably a bunch of Liberal fear mongering hype to frighten immigrants away from voting conservative because so far nothing like that is happening. Besides, it was not about all immigrants, it was about ones who were/are a danger to Canada.

To me it says that if there are Jihadist’s cells just waiting for instructions to commit acts of terror then they would have started already and there wouldn’t have been any need for deportations. Then again maybe they did secretly deport some, but there has been no news on it. I would say our borders are supposed to be well guarded. Deportation may not be a bad thing in many cases. I hope our borders are reasonably secure because I for one do not trust that self-appointed king that the USA have at this time. He's all for letting the border at the south open with all kinds of riff raff coming over. I'm not talking about those who want to emigrate to the USA legally. I'm talking about criminals, drug dealers, gang members and the like who do not belong anywhere but in prison. Mexico doesn't want them, so they have no problem letting them leave. In any case, that flood of undocumented people is a perfect cover if some jihadist wants to make his way into America.

That self-appointed King of the USA might think that he is doing the right thing to try and make deals with these terrorist nations like Iran. I don’t know why he should think like that because Iran has proven that making deals with them doesn’t amount to anything. I would say the latest deal with them will come back to slap him in the face.

That also reminds me of Pakistan. How many times did they deny that Bin Laden was in their country? I will say it would be more profitable to keep in good with the friendly nations of the USA instead of alienating them and trying to make friends with enemies that would stab you in the back at the first opportunity. How many of those countries want help from the USA but they don’t want any American boots on the ground? How many of them get help financially from the USA but would not do anything to help the USA? I guess my point here, is that national security is complicated, and Obama's naive approach is not working and will not work. Stephen Harper's approach makes more sense, and he should not be condemned for caring about Canadians' security.

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