Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The United States of Atheists?

I remember in the past that the people of the USA used to say they were a God fearing country. Now it seems that more people are joining these unbeliever atheists. Also it seems that since The King (or Emperor) Obama has been elected, more people have turned to atheism. This is just like dealing with gay people: don’t discriminate against them or you will be in big trouble. Discrimination is not good, but there are limits to how far backwards you have to bend over for gay people or atheists or any other special interest group so as not to offend them. Come on, let's be real about it.

The reason I’m ranting about this kind of thing that goes on in the USA (yes, and elsewhere too) is because what I read/saw the other morning. This is very stupid just because it has to do with a religious institution. These Atheists would rather see people starve because these schools are showing that Christians believe in following their Christian belief of helping unfortunate ones who need help.

I would like any of those atheists come to my door and try to prevent me from helping others - especially the ones that need help with regard to food. I am not too much of a religious person but I am a Christian and anyone that would come to my door and tell me to stop they would be carried off in an ambulance.

Here in Canada we have some atheists but they don’t go around trying to stop people from getting food from other groups even if they are affiliated with some kind of religious beliefs. Here it seems the atheists believe in minding their own business.

A person doesn’t have to be of a certain belief or unbelief in order to help someone. Helping others means it comes from the heart and not because you are a Christian (or not). You help someone simply because that person needs help and you believe in helping another human. Anyone who doesn’t believe in helping someone in need shows how selfish they are. Using any phony excuses to prevent others from helping someone in need is wrong. And of course hiding your selfishness by using stupid excuses like religion is deceitful or at least a case of misguided priorities.

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