Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Depriving kids of sustainable foods (Part 2)

I have done a lot of writing as to what goes on in those schools of the USA I've also put on links to the sites where my information came from. How a dictatorship is developing in those schools is unbelievable.  From what to wear (if it's a T-shirt it depends what the picture on it is), to the length of kids' hair, to the color of the hair, they seem to think they can dictate what they want.  I had stopped writing on schools quite a while ago because it was frustrating to think of all that the kids have to go through just to have an education. I had to write about what I did in Part 1 of this post on Sunday, because no one but the parents should have a say in what parents feed to their kids.

Sure, some parents will get it wrong, but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be up to them.

Besides, what I`ve read about what is taken out and put in to the food that we eat, it’s a wonder we are able to survive so long. I would say the government should worry more on what is done to our food than someone dictating as to what the kids can eat for lunches. Sustainable food is needed instead of garbage like I seen on that video the other morning.

Sometimes it just seems that they have their priorities terribly mixed up.

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