Saturday, November 1, 2014


I'd rather take the cancer. Maybe.
If you have a weak stomach or a vivid imagination do not read this post as it is exactly what the title means. While reading the news this morning I opened this. Apparently smelling farts (excuse my language) prevents cancer? Really? Couldn't there be a better way to prevent cancer? Isn't there a better way to prevent cancer worth studying? There must be.

Maybe this is a joke site or post. Maybe it's valid. But I fear for our generation as it is now with all the garbage that is put into our food (including what some of the fertilizers are made from). I can just imagine what the future generations will be ingesting or inhaling. Now a group of scientists have found something new to add to the garbage that we ingest without knowing.

I always thought that what came out of the lower part of humans or animals was garbage but according to what those scientist have discovered the smell of (farts I hate that word. Same for the word barf instead of vomit.) Now I can just hear the big applause from the big Pharmaceutical comp. “Saying here is something we can put in an aerosol bottle and sell as a puffer but we will have to have another name for fart. This stuff prevents cancer so we should get a good price for it.”

In a previous post somewhere on this blog I wrote about where the taste of vanilla came from the beavers bum`s. Why do we need this? Why did someone want to discover this?  Why not leave it alone and let the world do without some of these things?

The fertilizer which enriches the soil that feeds the seeds that we put in the ground eventually makes its way into the food we eat.. Not only do we get garbage put in our food to make the food taste better and coloring for looks but some of it is actually poison. Take pesticides that comes from the tobacco plant that is poison and yet some farmers spread that on their crop to prevent the crop from being destroyed by the bugs. That that works its way into the product that they sell and that we ingest that.

I’m beginning to think that wild animals eat better than we do.

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