Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A message to all Canadians.

I would like to remind all the citizens of Canada that this country doesn’t belong to us Canadians anymore and that’s because our country was given away by a man who did not care what the citizens had to say.

His finger was the way he showed what he thought of the citizens. He went crying to the Queen and came back with our own Constitution. But really, it was not as meaningful or important as his supporters made it out to be. He also brought us this stupid metric system which made all the older people ignorant about measuring things because we were never taught this in schools. And he brought in Multiculturism and some laws were changed to accommodate it, more or less giving our country away to immigrants. This was of course former Prime Minister P.E. Trudeau who has left this world for a better place (I suppose a better place, maybe that's not where he went).

Now we have his son who has become the leader of the Liberal party - Justin Trudeau. I would say this person has not been in politics long enough to know much on how to govern a country. He would be running on what his dad taught him. That's not a good body of knowledge as far as Canada is concerned. Plus according to an interview that we heard on the radio when questioned as to what he would do as a leader, he actually told us by his comments that he was a separatist at heart.

Some people say that he’s too young and not mature enough to know how to govern a country. I would say to those people age doesn’t mean anything. It’s the knowledge and maturity that the person has and this man is missing both of those qualities. I don’ think that he has been in politics long enough to have what is needed to lead. Maybe in a couple of years he will have that knowledge. I doubt it though, because the Liberals have been screw ups federally and provincially for a long time.

I would say this man has the same loyalty to Québec and not to the country as his father showed. Same as Obama his loyalty or at least apologies seem to be for the Muslim world and not for the USA. Remember in the next federal election - don’t vote based on what the person looks like and how he talks but on the extent of what he knows. I would say to be safe, vote conservative and in the next election after this one maybe give Justin a try if you must. I don’t like the Liberals. But anyone deserves a chance to show what they can do. But at this time I don’t think that Trudeau is mature enough and not in the know of how to govern a country. He might learn something from the Liberals in time. But again, I doubt it.

Those are my opinions as I see it.

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