Saturday, October 25, 2014

No boots on the ground. Why not?

From what I have read about ISIS, it seems that the only way that these killers will be stopped is by putting boots on the ground in Syria, Iraq or wherever they go. When I hear that people are tired of war, I figure this way of thinking is bull. Yes, I understand tha they might be tired of war but the war is not going to get tired of coming to them. Sometimes you just don't have a choice if you want to be in a war. What if people said that during WWII? We'd probably be speaking German today. When it comes to Jihadists like ISIS, people should be willing to put boots on the ground. I’m sure that if the USA would put troops on the ground the members of the coalition would be willing to do so too.

As it stands now, Obama doesn’t want to put Americans troops on the ground. He's content to  leave the southern border of America open which enables all kinds of riffraff to come in. That includes Jihadists. A while back they allowed an Iranian ship come into American waters unchallenged. Jihadists will have an easy time trying to infiltrate America at the border. To me the border being open combined with threats from ISIS seems to be an invitation to the Jihadists to come in and make themselves at home to do anything they want.

It certainly appears that the security of the nation comes last in all the problems that exist in the current White House administration. Think of it: the border at the south open, not going after the terrorists like they mean it, being threaten by the worst bunch of killers, and according to reports, some ISIS people have been stopped at the border (this was reported by a reporter who has spoken to one of the border patrol officers).  That seems like a recipe for disaster.

I don’t think the American people would mind troops on the ground to end the existence of ISIS. I don’t think that any of them would want to be beheaded which seems to be the favorite sport of ISIS.

The leader of the USA doesn’t listen to the people when he wants to ignore the Constitution to make his own laws. But apparently he listens to the people about not wanting to go to war against the terrorists why?Because he really doesn`t seem to care.

This is my rant of the day and those are my opinions as I see it.

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