Thursday, October 2, 2014

Global warming.

For us who keep up with what is going on in the world,  I find that this world is getting worse and worse for people lying and imagining and twisting things around just to get themselves in the news.

Here is one of the things we hear about every day: Global warming. To me this global warming hysteria is garbage. I believe it is the results of someone turning up the thermostat before going to bed because it got cool and with the sun rising in the morning, it got hot again.  But because he was having a nightmare about him being on Mars and the setting of the thermostat the previous night and then the thought came in to this person's mind that the planet was warming up. So this person believed in spreading the word that the planet was heating up knowing full well that the government would enact more rules or laws to rip people off an make life more miserable for them.  That's about as plausible as the world actually overheating in recent times.

I live in Canada and usually in the summer the heat used to become unbearable. Now we get some hot days in the summer but not nearly like before. In fact, there was a couple of days the heat came on automatically in my home, as I leave the thermostat on at 21 Celsius which would be approximately 68 to 70 Fahrenheit.

Even in September the heat would not come on until almost the end of the month in years past. Now it came on after the second week of September. So the person that came out claiming that the planet was warming up must hear some little voices in his head talking to him. In my observation, even the people that predict the weather are wrong most of the time when talking about 3-5 days from now.  So this person predicting the weather for the whole planet and decades into the future must be hearing voices because he can't be using reasonable science.

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