Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Iranians and their intent.

Iran's intentions.

Not too long ago I was reading about the Iranian ships leaving Iran to come to the American coast. From what I read, these ships are rust buckets and they don’t know if they will make it to the US border. The Iranians claim that it’s to show that they can reach the USA if they want to do so. So it's just to prove a point. According to what I have read it was to show their citizens that they are not scared of the USA. Of course they are not afraid. Why should they be? The road has been opened wide for them with the over-use of diplomacy. By the way this should be called the plow of Obama. Well Mr. Obama, Putin has shown that your plow has some defects and needs to be returned. By Obama's reasoning, he has averted a loss of lives and injuries in Syria with his plow (diplomacy).

Back to the Iranians. If the Iranians are not sure if these rust buckets can make it to their destination, how can they be sure that they would make it back? Maybe they aren't quite that bad, but my next question would be 'are they a suicidal crew'? Would they have something that they have been working on for a long time but the only way that it could be delivered is the way they are doing it now? If I were president, I would intercept them before they got near the border, the American submarines and all. If they won’t comply with the order to turn around, then the truth will be known about their intent. Then there will only be one thing to do. That would be to blast them out of the water, because they would be hiding something.

I can’t see the logic of the excuse that they have given. Why would they send ships that are rust buckets and endanger the lives of some of their own people, just to show that they can get close to the USA border? To me this sounds quite fishy.

Those are my opinions of the day.

Have a good day.

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