Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is free press on the way out?

If president Obama has his way, not only will citizens' privacy have been taken away when he's done, but  so would free speech and freedom of the press.   Fox News recently ran a story about what the administration wanted the FCC to start doing.
The FCC is launching a new study, taking upon itself the task of deciding what news the public “needs” to hear, versus the news the public wants to hear. The agency will conduct a “General Population Survey” that will “measure community members’ actual and perceived critical information needs.”

Got that? What you think (perceive) you need to know is different from what the government says you need to know.
Thankfully, it now looks as though the public backlash has caused them to rethink this dumb idea. Maybe it won't go through.

But I've mentioned before that in the future as neighbors we might have either a third world country or a communist one. I really believe it’s going to happen in the very near future if this supposed-to-be president is not stopped from implementing his agenda. What I would like to know isn’t there supposed to be a group in that administration that is supposed to speak on behalf of the citizens? If so where are they?

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