Monday, April 1, 2013

Tongue wagging without the engagement of brains

Lowell Green

While listening to the radio station CFRA the other morning (like I always do, especially the Lowell Green show) my blood pressure surely must have spiked.

This talk show seems like the more people criticize Québec, the more Lowell Green has to say. I hate to say this but some of it does make sense. This morning in question, Québec was attacked again and again about the language and corruption and funding from the federal government. To hear Lowell Green and others apparently they have in mind that this province doesn’t contribute to the federal government. This is the impression that I get from listening to some of these complaints.

These complaints about corruption in Québec contain some truth. It is corrupt, just like Ontario. And I’ll tell you why - and no one can say that I’m wrong - it's because both provinces Québec and Ontario had the Liberals as leaders and they have a history of corruption.  In Québec we voted them out and the other province that is still governed by the Liberals is Ontario. So who is more corrupt now?

Talk about corruption. Here in Québec there is a big investigation into the corruption but is there one in Ontario? Not that I know about.  The corruption there is swept under the rug. Also it seems that in Ontario the citizens are no smarter than the ones in Québec because the Liberals there were elected 4 times in a row.  Four times is ridiculous.

Now this morning Lowell Green said we should have a referendum to let Québec loose from the rest of Canada. He of all people should remember about what the citizens said in those 2 provinces out West that if Québec separates they will go to the USA.

Here in Québec we just chose what was available to us as to what group to be elected that we knew. Since we did not want the Liberals and we didn’t have any from the Conservatives to vote for, we voted for the PQ. Our choices were limited. Before wagging your tongues without engaging your brains, think.  Not doing so could be the downfall of this country (which is supposed to be Canada).

When the Premier of Québec went to France recently She should have stayed there because she will not succeed in turning this province into a second France.

That’s my rant for today.

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