Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Open letter to the Premier of the province of Québec.

Pauline Marois,

According to what is reported by the media, it seems that you want to make this province unilingual instead of trying to get along with everyone else in this one country, which is called Canada.

Well, by trying to do that you are creating resentfulness and hate for the French in both provinces Ontario and Québec and probably other provinces too. Do you think that you can expect any company that would be worthwhile to this province to come over here and open a business when they would only be allowed to work in French only?

This province has been almost bankrupted by the Liberals and now by trying to push French only could be the end of this province.

In this province as it is there not enough jobs created by this government for the workers that are here. What would happen if the employers in Ottawa would get together and say that’s it, we will only hire the people in this province French or English, as long as they are permanent residents of this province?

 How many people from this province work in the province of Ontario now? Every morning the roads from this province are jammed with the Québec workers going to Ontario and if it wasn’t for Ontario, your welfare office couldn’t afford the help for the people that would be on it.

It should not be too long now before this might come to pass. I listen to the people on the Lowell Green talk show every morning. I can tell you that the people of Ontario and a lot from this province calling in are complaining about this unnecessary law of  bill c101. Before that came out there wasn’t as much hatred for French Quebecers as there is now.

This province will never be able to go it alone not the way it is being governed at this time. In order for this province to get back to what it used to be, bill C101 would have to go and this province would have to become bilingual.  Only then it might have a chance to survive and be better off for the next generation. The French language will never disappear from this country. The whole province might become a province of the past to be forgotten in history as a province that could not get along with its partners because of the languages.

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