Monday, October 22, 2012

The Liberals are the problem

This morning on radio station CFRA,  I heard Lowell Green claim that the Federal Liberal party are allegedly trying to get Dalton McGuinty (who resigned as premier of Ontario) to join them to become their leader. They must be out of their minds. If they consider this an intelligent decision then I have a great suspicion that the Liberal party will never get out of the rut that its in.

To me this proves that you can’t depend on what these Liberals are going to do or say next. They really are such flip-floppers. First they asked Justin Trudeau to run as their leader. I guess they figured that he would attract more votes from the younger generation because they wouldn't know what his dad did to this country. Since McGuinty got voted in again and again, maybe they now think that he would be a better  person to attract the people to vote for them. 

If this happens to be true and they are indeed trying to get McGuinty to join them as their leader, then it should prove to the people that it doesn't matter as to how many billions of dollars that the taxpayers have to pay in punitive damages for breaking contracts and for other stupid decisions that he has made. By walking away from the mess that he has created and left the taxpayers to pay the bills and the next premier trying to straighten out, what exactly qualifies him to run for Prime Minister?

I hope their will be a big investigation into his questionable dealings if one is not already in progress on the money that has disappeared and also about the Orange helicopter service.

Like I said before, the Liberals used to be a good party, but now its in a rut and I hope it stays there where it belongs.  Some people complain about the CBC being a drain on the economy I would say at this time the biggest drain on the economy are the Liberals -both federally and provincially.  A decision to elevate McGuinty after such a scandal only goes to prove the case.

Those are my opinions and I stick by them.

Have a good day.

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