Tuesday, October 16, 2012

McGuinty resigning

See ya, Dalton.

Ontario premier McGuinty resigning is the best news I've read about so far this year. The other thing I would like to hear is if he would take his troops with him.  Now  that would be some thing to read about. I used to live in Ontario and I moved not by choice but to avoid giving all my pension for rent.

Now the province might have a chance of becoming a have province instead of a have not.  There might be a chance of OHIP coming back like it was instead of the money going somewhere else. I wonder how many Liberal lovers will have nightmares as a result of McGuinty's announcement? Sorry to say I feel for those Liberal lovers but I can’t reach their level of disappointment.

Come on folks, now is your chance to do away with that party.  Don’t take a chance of another McGuinty  appearing on the scene.  Give yourselves a break.

Liberals used to be good at one time but that time was lost because of being to greedy. I don’t like them and never will and its weird how things change. Now the province of Ontario has a chance to recover and Québec will be going down with this PLQ government they have now because of the language issue. I say bilingualism should be done away with and to each his own.

I myself am French and I don’t believe in forcing people to learn what they don’t want to learn or can’t learn. And jobs should be open to anyone - it doesn’t matter what language they speak as long as it's understandable and Canadian..

That’s all I can say for now. Well, only one more thing: I will have a good sleep tonight and think about moving back to Ontario where I was born.

For those who don’t like the Liberals. Sweet dreams.

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