Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sam Bacile’s Mohammad Movie

I just finished watching this movie and in my opinion, all the people involved in the making of it should all be charged in the making of a movie that would be the cause of death of innocent people and destruction.

The producer of this movie is either an idiot (yes an idiot, or brain dead ) for not thinking of the results this kind of movie could cause. According to what I read it only cost him just 5 Thousand dollars to make this movie. I would say this man has found a way to make money on the cheap and meanwhile he's causing death and destruction.

I’m not a Muslim but after watching this kind of garbage I was insulted. I know some will say “he was only expressing his opinion”, But I say this kind of opinion that would cause death and destruction should not be heard and anyone in their right mind would not come out with some thing like that.

This movie was meant to show how much hate this person has against the Muslim world. He should be charged with a hate crime and instigating violence and the others as accomplices . This rant are my opinions of this producer and supposed actresses and actors.

That’s my rant for today.

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