Saturday, September 29, 2012

Too much diplomacy, and no action

The more I hear and read about what is going on in Third World countries and about the United States president's behavior, the more I am discouraged. To my way of thinking, president Obama has misused diplomacy to the extent that it has given the enemies of the USA time to regroup and given an advantage to them. They now know they can get away with anything and the president of the USA will not do anything about it except talk and apply more sanctions. Iran is a good example of this.

A little less conversation, a little more action please...
Sanctions won’t help to have them change their mind about acquiring nuclear weapons. Sanctions have been placed on Iran since the hostage crisis. They don't work.

There are too many countries in the former Eastern bloc nations that are willing and to help Iran. They are helping Iran already. Although they might not like Iran to have nuclear weapons, they must figure that that Iran might attack the USA and make their own geopolitical objectives more easy to achieve. So they might be willing to help them acquire those weapons without thinking that Iran might even turn against them to be the big super power in that region.

Not too long ago the USA was known for taking action instead of just talking and now it's just talk and the enemies of America and the West know that no action will be taken. This has resulted in lost of faith and trust for the USA from their allies. If the USA were to attack Iran I don’t think that Russia or China would object as they have their own terrorist to think about. At least I've never heard or read that these two nations would object if that were to happen. They have interfered with sanctions but how much condemnation was there really for Iraq and Afghanistan from China or Russia? Not much.

We are in a persuasive world today and it looks like these Iranians realize that and don’t go for it.

Those are my opinions and my rant for today.

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