Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here we go again.

Those bad Quebecois.

Since the Quebec provincial government has announced that there will be an election on September 4th of this year/ It has started a big reaction from some of those people in Ottawa that really don't like Quebec. In Ottawa especially, on the Lowell Green radio show, there seems to be a lot of prejudice against Quebec. It seems that it doesn’t matter what the government or anyone connected to the government of Quebec says, the media reports it and bingo, people start to think "those separatist are at it again".

They already have the Block Québécois winning it and the election is not even here yet. What a bunch of idiots. Do they think that the population of Quebec wants to separate? The politicians maybe, but I don’t think the balance of the citizens of Quebec want to leave Canada, at least I’m one that doesn’t.

Not too long ago, it was reported that the Quebec province was the most corrupt province in Canada but they forgot to mention the Ontario’s provincial government and the billions of dollars that have disappeared.

And what about the orange scandal? I must say to you haters of Quebec we pay our taxes to the federal government the same as you do, but we do not condemn the whole of the Ontario citizenry for what the politicians do or say. So before criticizing the citizens of Quebec, clean out your backyard first. I’m far from being a separatist but it’s the big mouths that make people become separatist.

That's my rant today.

Have a good day.

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