Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I hate pizza!

Someone else's example of bad pizza that's easy to hate.
Okay I don't really hate it, but even pizza has issues. My beef with pizzas these days is with the way they are cooked. They are prepared with those skinny little pieces of pepperoni that are about the size of an old 50 cent piece, and only half as thick. That's not real pizza.

The dough is not always cooked all the way through and yet those skinny little pieces of pepperoni on top of the cheese are burnt. They are not meant to be under high heat - they turn out to be crispy just like potato chips. Some of them you would swear you'd need a hammer and chisel to have a chance to bite into them.

By the way, here's some advice: If you don’t want crispy and half-burnt pepperoni you have to tell them to put the pepperoni under the cheese. Before the pepperoni was bigger and it could stand the heat but not now. Keeping it under the cheese stops it from burning and getting too crispy.

I have yet another beef with one local pizza joint here in Gatineau. I won’t mention it by name but the people around will here know who it is. This pizza joint was my favorite until they pulled the stunt I'm about to tell you about.

When I used to order from them it was always pepperoni and cheese and the price was $34 and change. One day we got a flyer from them and they were advertising two for one. That's a good deal. The next time I ordered as usual, large ones I asked them if it was two for one and they answered 'yes'.

When I received my pizzas and was given the bill, it was the same price that I was paying before they advertised two for one. That's NOT a good deal. I called the store and I said "I thought you said they were 2 for 1 when I ordered". The man at the store said yes. Then I told him that I paid the same price as if I had ordered two pizzas and he said yes our pizza went up to 29.00 so with tax and all it comes up to 34.00. That's not a good deal, that's a stunt. I investigated a little and discovered that the only pizza that is on their flyer for $29.00 is the large vegetarian pizza. Before they advertised 2 for 1 a large pepperoni was $15.97.

I told him that they were trying to fool people by playing with words and that they would be able to sell only to people that would add 2+2 and come out with 5. I demanded they take my name off their mailing list. But I’m still watching them because if they come out with something else that is not really what they advertise, I will state what it is and name them here.

Those are my beefs for today, not to mention onions, pepperoni and double cheese. Bo

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