Tuesday, March 13, 2012


According to the reports, Iran has said that they will let the UN Inspectors into their secret nuclear site. My question would be, are they to be trusted? Because of all the suspicion they've brought on themselves, for refusing to let the UN Inspectors in the last time they went there, they don't deserve a lot of our trust. It's more likely they were they just looking for more time to hide what they were doing, if they had started in doing what they weren’t suppose to do.

Could it be that they finally figured out that they had made too many threats and that they are feeling the tension building up against them? Do they now realize that they had pushed their luck too far and now it was time to back down before action is taken against them?

If Ahmedinejad just wants to generate electricity, what was the other stuff about radioactive isotopes (source missing)? If it is used for cancer treatment as he's suggested, why would they have to have it in a secret place and not let the inspectors in?

With all the threats that he has made and all the tension, that he has brought against his nation, all of a sudden he changes his mind. This sounds a little suspicious to me.

That’s my beef for today. 

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