Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Capital punishment

As usual I was listening to my favorite CFRA radio talk show. Lowell Green as the host and the people that called in could chose the subject that they wanted to comment on. There were some who called in that said that capital punishment should be brought back.

I would agree to capital punishment, in a case where the murderer would be caught in the act of killing (like it was in the case in the Ottawa Civic hospital), or a person admitting to it (like Russell Williams) and only after he/she was declared fit mentally to stand trial after being examined for the state of his/her mentality. Then, put a rope in his/her cell. This way the relatives might get closure faster then they thought they would if he/she decided to use it.

I say that would be a bad idea, because there are too many prejudices these days.  They have been building up all these years because of the colour of a person's skin or culture or language. Prejudices are dangerous mixed with capital punishment and juries.  There are also concerns I have about the honesty with the investigations. For some trying to make a name for themselves or someone just interested in getting promoted, honesty gets left aside as long as they can get what they want.  That may even extend to the extent of taking another's life.

That’s my rant of today and have a good day. 

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