Thursday, November 24, 2011

No mention of God.

On Fox news I read all the comments by some people that call themselves Christians. According to the Bible a good Christian is not supposed to cause any harm to others physically or mentally. I read about President Obama omitting God in his Thanksgiving address. That's un-Christian. I will say that was wrong of him to do that. It was also wrong for some of you to blast him as you did, that is un-Christian as well.

Some of the people that commented are suppose to be Christians. I guess their kind of Christianity is different from real Christians, because a real Christian would keep his or her thoughts to themselves until the time came that they could do some thing about what they think instead of stooping to name calling of all sorts.

I am not an American, but I read and listen to the news. Instead of blasting this President why don’t you keep your thoughts to yourselves and when election time comes, then you have your choice of who you want the President to be.

In the meantime, show your Christianity by keeping you thoughts to yourself. Some times a person will criticize others with good reasons as far as they are concerned but there are other times that criticism comes back to you, doubly.

I know what I’ve written here will offend some people but it was not meant to be offensive. As a Christian I tried my best to write this as politely as I could.

Any comments? Write them down but please keep it civilized.

Have a good day.


  1. I agree but disagree. There's no reason to be insulting and resort to name calling in a criticism of the president (or anyone). That adds nothing to a debate or discussion and indeed it detracts from it.

    However, I don't agree that Christians should keep quiet. They tried that in Rome and got fed to lions. Christians stating their opinion, where it contradicts the president is completely acceptable.

  2. I go along with that good response

  3. I just thought of something based on your reply. As a Christian, maybe you shouldn't be saying anything about them because you are not keeping your thoughts to yourself. At least based on the same logic you think they should be following.

    I really think though, that it's best to state your opinions, Christian or otherwise.

  4. When I read about all things they said about the President it reminded me of one of the commandments i did not call them anything they called themselves Christians well they should conduct themselves like Christians


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