Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Canada and the USA

In the past, Canadian relations with the United States used to be A1, but because of those Liberals from the past being anti-American, friendly relations have dropped considerably.

Now we are considered to be anti-American and therefore are being treated as such. In a sense, I don’t blame Americans for thinking of us this way. I always listen to what is reported and what is said and in the past I've heard quite a bit about some Liberals bashing the USA.

I read this morning what was reported in the past and it reminded me of something that I had read but forgot about us Canadians being charged an extra $5.50 to enter the USA by air. I can’t think of any excuse for that. Are they trying to discourage us from visiting, shopping or vacationing by implementing this fee? Yet if we drive we don’t pay that fee, even though we would cause more pollution with car exhaust. 

Then they said that the terrorists entering the United States were from Canada and that they should build up the security along the Canadian-US border. Then they come up with buy American only.

I know there was a lot of American bashing in the past by the Liberals and they were supposedly meant as jokes.  But some of those jokes were not funny at all. The only bashing that goes on at this time is not from politicians to politicians its from ordinary citizens on both sides of the border.  I think that has slowed down too. I am not now and never will I be a fan of Liberals, federally or provincially .  Liberals, free trade and the metric system for the birds.  But those points are for another day.

My opinion and rant of the day.

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