Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pastors in the USA.

I was reading on CNN this morning about this pastor Jeffress telling the people not to vote for the White House hopeful Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon.I've lost the link but you can read some of the details in this story.  This reminded me of the other pastor that wanted to burn the Qu'ran.

Does this pastor think that being a President includes changing the people's mind on whatever faith that they believe in? I wonder if in his Bible it states ( Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Or does it say do unto others then run before they do unto you?)

First of all pastor Jeffress, I am a Christian and as far as I’m concern all this stuff about religion or what ever you want to call it should be kept out of the government.The reason for my saying this is that no one can for sure say that whatever faith your following is the right one. I’m saying this is because what ever scrolls or what have you that were found were written in a different language and rewritten in so many languages that I believe the true meanings were lost.You have faith in what you believe in and let others follow in the faith that they believe in. Who knows whether they might be believing in the right one or what you believe in could be the right one?  

At the end you will find out when you meet with our Creator. In the mean time stick to your pulpit and chapel and try and have good sermons for your congregation.It's people like you pastor Jeffress, that create a lot of problems in this world by pushing the faith you believe in onto others and try to convert them.

You call yourself a pastor and yet your doing wrong to this man by trying to get people not to vote for him.  If you’re a Christian, you should know your Ten Commandments. I could go on and on and if you happen to read this I hope you comment on it and I’m sure I could accommodate you on anything you have to say.Its people like you that makes my blood level rise.May God bless you and forgive you for the wrong you are trying to do to this.


  1. I agree. There's plenty of reasons to dislike Romney that have nothing to do with his religion - like his template for Obamacare in the form of Romneycare.


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