Friday, December 30, 2016

So-called singers

So-called singers can't even sing a Christmas song without changing it into what they think it should be. A song their way turns out to sound like a pile of rubbish.

Some of them will sing them like they should be sung but there are quite a few that think they should sing it their own way which is garbage.

Here is what I mean. One afternoon before Christmas, at 4 pm I heard a female started to sing a Christmas song and she started it on so high a note that at the last she sounded as if she was screaming it. The note she started on was so high I couldn't even tell the title of it and couldn't understand most of the words. Some of those singers will even forget the melody and improvise on how it should be. I say if they don't know it in the first place they should not attempt to sing it and make a massacre of it. I've been listening to those Christmas songs for so many years that I know how they should be sung. What gets me are those singers get paid to massacre songs and that should not be.

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