Monday, July 11, 2016


It seems a lot of people are trying to discourage Donald Trump from staying on to get the official nomination, even though he'd won enough delegates to earn it. Well I hope he stays on and gets elected. I think a lot of them that want him to quit are doing so because they know that he will clean up the garbage (in other words the corruption) that is going on now. He might appear to be a dictator at the start because of doing a good clean up, but I don’t think he would keep on going as dictator after the cleanup. I’m no different than anyone else - it wouldn’t bother me if it affected some of the so called Libs here as they seem to be in the same category as the liberals in the USA; they vote without knowing what is going on in the country. It's just like the Democrats in the USA. Here we now have a Muslim as a premier which is not what the people would have wanted but we were told too late as the election was over. To me I don’t care but I would only care if they tried to bring in that Sharia Law. I wouldn’t go for that kind of law as we have our own laws and they are the ones to be obeyed and not that evil law.

I know some of those immigrants will try and change things because they will use their excuse of it being offending and I say tough on that. You are here in this country and you will have to adhere to our ways of living and also obey our laws. If that is not satisfactory then all you have to do is get the hell out and go back to whatever hole you came out. Yes you are allowed to voice your opinion like anyone else as long as it’s reasonable with respect to our laws.

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