Friday, November 13, 2015

Worried about pollution?

Worried about pollution? When I hear anyone, especially governments, complaining about pollution or about things that causes pollution and the warming of the planet, I get a laugh because what does cause a lot of heat and pollution are the airplanes flying around. But yet we don’t hear anything about that kind of pollution and of course we don’t hear about it because the fuel that is sold to keep those airplanes flying means money and more taxes for the government, especially the companies who fly commercially.

I was listening the radio station CFRA this morning and the excuse that was given for not accepting the Keystone pipeline was that it would not be of any interest to the country. They seem to be worried about leakage from the pipes and the security of the country. The reason for the leakage of those pipes, I can go along with that. But the security of the nation that is going too far to my way of thinking. I would be more worried about the border at the South being wide open for any radicals to sneak in. Yet they do not seem to be very worried about that. Like I said I go along with any leakage from those pipes, but one thing I’m sure of I would rather take a chance on pipes leaking then having radicals sneaking though an open border and either shoot you or chopping one’s head off.

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