Friday, October 2, 2015


Even though I am not an American I am worried about the next election coming up in the USA. Here are my reasons why I am worried. What Obama has done to the country is bad. He's damaged it. I am really worried that if the person that becomes the next president of the USA is someone who has worked with this supposed to be leader they've taken on his ideas (or just always shared them) of how the country should be managed. I would imagine that this person would keep on destroying the country by continuing on Obama's agenda with no transparency and all we would be liable to hear would be more lies.

To me vice president Biden might be able to manage the country if he follows his own ideas if he ran for the presidency. I would say Mr. Donald Trump also has the disease of being egoistical. Whenever there's a video of him rambling on, he always seems to be talking abiut how great he is. He seems to be honest and says what is on his mind, but sometimes if you're not using diplomacy when speaking or negotiating, it could have bad results that could bring on a war or hard feelings towards the nation. That's no better than Obama.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton to me she would be the continuation of Obama I was referring to earlier and that would be the end of the nation. And I don’t mean maybe because she shows it just the way she talks and handles herself when confronted with something and she gets the look of should I tell the truth or what?

If I was an American those 2 would be the last ones that I would vote for.

That is my short rant of the day.

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