Saturday, July 25, 2015

America to defend Iran????

When I checked the news this morning I came across this. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Other sites have reported the same thing. Iran is a nation that has as its goal to destroy America. And a representative of the Obama administration, is saying that in the nuclear agreement Obama has pushed, the USA would defend Iran militarily if attacked by Israel.

Well my friends you people are all screwed if you think the government that was elected is governing and protecting you. I don’t see why you people would think that. Why on earth would the administration offer to protect a nation that would like to see the end of America? I know some people say that Obama is not deliberately being stupid, he's just in over his head. No. This goes beyond incompetence. This can only be deliberate. That makes it evil. The man has decided to embrace Cuba and Iran, sworn enemies of America, and now he's changing America's stance on its only real ally in the Middle East, Israel. Israel has been America's friend, military ally, and spiritual compatriot.

This self-declared King would rather use faulty diplomacy, either without any results, or else negative results, instead of taking any action to rectify whatever the problems were. He's not going after the terrorists, he didn't negotiate for the release of Americans in Iran in this deal, but they released an Iranian spy. Remember the time they released 5 of the most terrible jihadist in exchange for a soldier that deserted his unit in time of war? And now he's offering help Iran (a nation that would like to end the existence of the USA) militarily if they are attacked by an ally of America. This is beyond belief.

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