Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm just wondering

I’m just wondering if our new neighbors to the south will be a communist country or a third world country by the time their supposed to be president or King or Emperor is out of office. I am a Canadian and I worry about that. I know some smart ass will be reading this and say like I've seen before on a comment that a Canadian had made and just below that one another commented that the Canadian should mind his own business. Well I will say to that person enjoy your freedom of speech because soon you will not have that luxury.

Furthermore I am just expressing my opinions as to what is going on in the USA. If you're an American and you have a problem with that, then you don't believe in the principles of free speech that is a cornerstone of your own country. And if you are Canadian and think I should be more concerned about what goes on in Canada, how do you know I'm not? Of course I'm concerned about Canada. It's a big reason I worry about America. If you're Canadian and you don't think about that, you are being myopic (i.e. you have a limiting, narrow view of the world). The question shouldn't be "Why do I care?", it should be "Why DON'T you care?"

I realize that by reading the news you have to believe half of what you read and leave the balance for future reference because not all of it could be true except when it's shown on a video. So you have to wait and see. I can see there seems to be less worry about the security of the nation than there was in the past. A president who is busy making friends that are more or less enemies of the USA and at the same time alienating, friendly countries. That should concern everyone.

All I can say is that who you people have elected is a leader that was elected to destroy the USA using communist tactics - a bit at a time. He's got minions who are little more than bum kissers. You people just don’t seem to have people with balls to represent you in the White House administration. I think they left them at home when they were employed by the government.

Those are my opinions. Have a good day.

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