Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Committing suicide. (Part I)

That`s just dumb.
If you are a smoker, you are automatically committing suicide. I am positive in saying this because of my own experience. I started smoking at age thirteen. As I got more used to it, my smoking increased to two and sometimes three packs a day. Well, this lasted for 66 years. Then on May the 11th 2011, I took a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. At the hospital while waiting for a doctor, I passed out out of a shortness of oxygen. I could not breath anymore because my heart was not strong enough to push the liquid out of my lungs. So I drowned in my own fluids. Then my kidneys had also shut down. When the doctor arrived to check me he told my family that I would not last until the morning after having giving me a good examination. Finally, they called a priest and I was given the last Rites of the Church. My soul did leave my body and went in the afterlife. That’s how I know there is life after death. After a while I came back to life and the doctor could not figure out why I did.

When I went in the hospital I was 216 pounds. After just 10 days I was down to 168. When I came out I had to get my eyes operated on and yet I kept on smoking for a couple more years. In December of last year, a friend of my son gave my son and I, each a kit of e-cigarettes. I stared using it the same day. I have not smoked a cigarette since then. My intake of oxygen became easier. I could feel my lungs expand whenever I would take a deep breath and a lot of garbage would come up from my lungs.

Finally after not smoking for 8 months, I was getting short of breath again. I don’t know why because there is no garbage in the e-cigarette liquid, almost no nicotine. And the nicotine that is in there is clean with no extra chemicals added to it. For the last 4 months I have not been getting any nicotine whatsoever because I switched to the non-nicotine strength.

Maybe it`s a delayed effect from when I did smoke. Smoking is suicide. It WILL kill you. Just because it doesn`t do it in one day doesn`t mean it isn`t working on it and won`t get you eventually. And because you know that it will, you are killing yourself by doing it. That`s suicide.

More to come in my next post.

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