Sunday, July 13, 2014

These Jihadists - Part 1

When I heard about president Obama saying he wanted to stop all wars it proved to me that this man doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I wrote something about it before, meaning about these Jihadists. When you have a bunch of Jihadists that are willing to blow themselves up just to kill others, it means that life for these people doesn’t mean anything. They have already proven that by the all of the killings and torture not only of adults but also of children.

What’s going on in Iraq proves that. Those people have an agenda and nothing is going to stop them other than to keep on going after them and blast them at any opportunity. There is no reasoning with people like that. Even Iran is sending troops they have already sent 150 elite fighters and has offered to send 10,000 soldiers according to Fox News.

That’s what happens when troops are pulled out before the job is done. All the lives that were lost in order to free Iraq of theses killers were lost for what exactly?

I’ll answer my own question: So far, the lives appear to have been lost for nothing. Pulling the troops out of Iraq without realizing that with these type of people won't solve anything. You can’t stop going after them. It is a mistake. Life doesn’t mean anything to people this and to think otherwise is being stupid or just not caring.

Now they have help with extra leaders that were just released from Guantanamo and to think that these 5 released prisoners won’t go back to their planning, killing and recruiting is to be stupid and ignorant.

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