Saturday, July 19, 2014

Facebook monotony

Monotony on Facebook? Yes. I call it monotony when a certain thing is repeated and repeated over and over again. Facebook is full of monotony. For example, there is a post going around calling for Nancy Pelosi to be impeached. Pelosi is no doubt an idiot. But she is also a small fish in a rather large aquarium. I would call the White House, which is filled mostly with other gutless fish that are more worried about their fat paychecks than they are about their country, a big fish. What I would like to know is what are they going to do when the country is taken over and turned into a third world country?

Before I get back to Facebook, let me finish out this tangent. I would say Pelosi should be impeached. Instead though, why not call for impeachment of the big fish then go down the line of all the bottom kissers feeders that are sitting there? Take a chance on trying to impeach the big fish that pretends to be an American at heart, but truth be known, he’s showing himself to be a Muslim sympathizer at heart and has made it into politics just to bring America down to a has-been as a great power.

When I hear them talk about no man left behind, I can laugh. What about the doctor that helped to capture Ben Ladin? Why wasn’t any deal made to get him out of jail? What about the marine that is in jail in Mexico? He entered Mexico by a mistake he made because of the design of the highway. No, the supposed to be leader is no leader at all and he think he’s above the law just like the president that was deposed in Egypt a president of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Okay, back to Facebook now. Do you think Facebook will even make a difference in attempting to impeach Pelosi? No. It's political activism for the lazy. It's not going to help like voting, or calling your Congressman, or organizing meetings to talk to other voters. But the bigger problem is that something like this can show up in your Facebook feed numerous times. It becomes monotonous and you tune it out like commercials.

Games? If you like games I suppose it is okay, but I don't need 50 game requests per day. Stop it. I don't play them, don't ask me. I don't care if you need to invite friends to get to the next level or win game coins - just stop!

Similarly, I don't care to see a picture of what you are about to eat. Do you think anyone does? What do you think if someone starving in Africa saw your food picture?

I don't need to know that you are on your way to the bus, or you are at the library. If I need to get a hold of you, you narcissist, I will call you on the phone you are using to brag about being at the hockey game right now.

I pity this generation who think this is a normal way to live. For them, it may be, but for the rest of us, this is just stupid.

That is my rant for today.

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