Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inviting passengers who are pilots to visit the cockpit

I was listening to the radio station CFRA yesterday afternoon and on one talk show the discussion about the missing Malaysia 777 flight came up.  Someone stated that the pilots had invited people to go into the cockpit. I can’t see any pilot doing that because that would be breaching the security of the pilots and travellers. Perhaps in days past it would have been okay to do that but not in this day and age.
Apparently there were 239 people on that flight. and according to reports there were 2 people that got on with false passports.  Eventually it was reported that these 2 were Iranians. Now if that's true and the actions of the pilots allowing people in the cockpit seems like a bad mix. The 777 disappearing like it did without any warning makes it seem that a terrorist activity is at least a possibility, even if reports are now saying that these two individuals were not terrorists. To my way of thinking, it could be that one or both of the Iranians that got on with false passports were pilots themselves and took control of the airplane. Short of the plane blowing up or the pilots being threatened with their lives and therefore not being able to warn the tower about their problem, why did whatever happened happen so fast. I wonder now if a check was done on these two to find out if they were certified as pilots.

That is my short rant of the day.

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