Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Visiting third world countries?

What I can’t understand, is why any American citizen would want to go and visit any third world countries. Don’t they realize that they are putting their life in jeopardy by doing so? Simply because of the USA poking their nose in other countrie's business so much, even the ordinary American citizens are considered an enemy in many nations. It seems that people in those countries don’t realize that it’s the politicians that are doing it and not the ordinary citizen. Or they do realize it and are willing to use ordinary citizens as pawns to get concessions out of America.

So what happens? Some of them disappear or get killed outright or get put in jail on some trumped up charges. Especially with the leader that the USA has now, there is no way that anything would be done to get a release for anyone imprisoned on trumped up charges. Here is what I mean. When they had a meeting not too long ago with the Iranians in regards of their nuclear work, why weren't any of the foreign citizens jailed in Iran included in the deal? What about the doctor in Pakistan?  I guess he doesn’t count because he only helped to catch the worst terrorist of perhaps all time.

No it’s like I mentioned before, do not depend on your so called leader to speak up for you. If anyone of you gets killed while visiting those places, no one will ever be told the truth about why you were killed. My advice would be look at some place else to go and visit. Some of those people in the third world countries love the Americans so much that it would not surprise me if they would consider it as a sport just to shoot them. Then with the fist up in the air they'll be yelling God is great.

Those are my opinions of the day as I keep on reading about what is going on.

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