Friday, August 30, 2013

To my American friends, it's about your King Obama.

I mentioned in a previous post (somewhere) that I never bothered with American politics in the past. Well I have changed my mind. After reading a couple blogs about American politics, I now find it to be more interesting than the drab politics here in Canada. I’ve been keeping track of your type of politics for almost two years now and I’ve always been proud to live next to a country that is considered to be a superpower and is generally friendly.

Change can be from bad to worse you know.
There is one thing that bothers me. In all the time that I have been keeping track about your politics, why is it that it was never advertised that you people had a King with the name Obama? When was the coronation? And who gave him permission to ignore certain parts of the Constitution to put in place his own laws? Isn’t there a law that would forbid anyone from destroying the work of the Forefathers? They spent their time writing rules to protect the people from a government snooping on them, and reinforcing people having freedom of speech and privacy and to follow their own beliefs in the faith of their choice? I can’t say much more as to what your Constitution is/does/grants but I am sure that what I mentioned so far is in there.

Since this King has been in power, the USA has become nothing more than a nation tame as a lamb and the big laugh of the world. Not only that but the King has failed to protect the lives of his citizens. 
  • Dithering on his every day obligations. 
  • Refusing to go after the people that terrorize or kills his citizens. 
  • Acting as if he was protecting the ones that would take the life of his citizens by using diplomacy without end or just plainly ignore what is happening 
  • Taking a holiday as if to say I have people to replace me when I’m not there. 
  • When something serious does happen apparently, every one of his cohorts are told to lie as to what happened then tries to cover whatever it was with more lies. 
 Transparency - what’s that?

Has anyone ever explained to this King what that word means? Has anyone ever explain to him the purpose of a Constitution? He is supposed to know that, isn't he?  Has anyone ever explained or tried to explain to him the importance of taking care of the problems of the nation as quickly as possible? Has anyone ever tried to tell him that he is supposed to try and make friends with other countries of the world instead of enemies? Has anyone ever told him that diplomacy without results means actions should follow and if not whatever the problems were could become worse?

That’s my rant for today.

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