Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Lion and the Lamb.

The lion is known as the king of the jungle and the lamb is known for being a gentle animal. The USA as far I’m concerned was more or less acting like a lion towards its enemies and the enemies feared the USA.  This was prior to president Obama.  But now those enemies more or less couldn’t care less about what the USA says or does because they are positive that the USA will never do anything to them because the USA has become the lamb of the world.

The USA now has a president that seems to want to be ending the wars but by trying to do this through  diplomacy while giving billions in aid to both friendly countries and potential enemies.

Pakistan is supposed to be a friendly country but the people are demonstrating every day against the USA tearing down the flag stomping it and burning it. Yet they receive millions in aid from the USA. The same is true in regards to Egypt. I was reading a report on Fox News that the President Morsi of Egypt was even calling the US President a liar and yet they get billions of dollars in aid. If this is supposed to be a friendly country towards the US, I wonder what it would mean if it was not friendly. 

I realize that by giving aid to some of these countries, they might change their view of the USA but according to what is reported on the things that are said and done in those countries against the USA, they can’t be trusted. Here is another example: in Afghanistan, NATO soldiers are training the Afghanistan soldiers to be able to defend their own country and yet some will turn and shoot the same people that are trying to help them. This is why I say you can’t trust them.

I realize that sometimes by trying to ignore these things and keep on giving aid, eventually it finally works. But that can only be true with people that are not corrupted with what they were brought up to believe in. I would say peace would be a good thing if it would change some of these people's way of thinking but since the USA has become the lamb of the world the enemies of the USA are quite happy to do whatever they want without any to fear of retaliation.

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