Thursday, December 1, 2011

Disappeared or lost.

Every day we read or hear of someone who has disappeared.  Once reported to the authorities an investigation is started  to find that person. Sometimes they are found alive and well and other times deceased or not found at all and so the search goes on.

In the kind of world we live in ,we all know that we can expect anything to happen. Kids being abducted,  raped then killed, it happens.  The same goes for adult woman and even men sometimes. The bodies are sometimes discarded as if they were just garbage. What happens when the  bodies aren't found, the families of these people that have disappeared have no closure.  Some of them will spend their lifetime believing that someday their loved one will show up or get a phone call saying that the love one has been found. With good or bad news.

This is all heartbreaking and it would be great if it never had to happen.  My solution?

People have implants inserted into their pets, so why not people? These implants for humans could be inserted through an orifice of the body and located somewhere inside the body where it could not be reached and there would not be any scar to indicate where this implant would be or that the person has an implant..If it was installed just under the skin the abductor/s would  know  where to look for it and then cut it out and throw it away. 

If for some reason or other the implant was taken out and thrown away some where it would be found then the only thing left would be to find the body because it would mean that a murder has been committed if there was any indication that the person has an implant. This could be monitored by the RCMP.

That’s my idea of the day.


  1. Practically it makes sense, especially for kids. However, there's a serious concern that many people, myself included would have about privacy issues.

    Recently there's been a lot of coverage about Apple being able to track your location through your iPhone. If the government, or someone else can track you via an implant, that's a little scary. That's the counter-point to the safety of tracking children or the elderly. There's no easy to whether the positives outweigh the negatives, but I'd prefer to err on the side of privacy.

  2. I agree about privacy but I figured that life of especially a kid is worth more then privacy but as far as adults well that would be their choice. Once a kid becomes an adult it could be taken out.
    To be honest I had forgotten about privacy.
    Good thought.
    Thanks for reminding about privacy.


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