Saturday, September 24, 2011


This isn't exactly a rant but more a comment on something I've read.  It's cross-posted on my B0b's Ghosts. Below are some predictions according to the book that had I mentioned previously called God’s Final Witness.

In this book it predicts that the end of the world will be on May, 27,2012 when Jesus Christ will return to earth. Prior to him returning to earth, there will be tribulations like we have never seen before and apparently it is already started with all these storms and earthquakes that are happening.

According to this book it says that there will be billions of deaths. There will be more terrorist attacks and eventually a Third World War. The USA will be the first to be attacked.

I just want to be clear so that no one thinks that this is my imagination - I have just quoted parts of what is written in this book. I also previously mentioned what they had predicted in 2006 what would happen to the economy in the USA and the credit rating. I tend to believe that these people know what they are talking about given that they were accurate about the collapse in 2008. Being an ex-Catholic, what I was taught and preached by them, minus the lies that they made up as scare tactics to make people believe that what they preached were true facts, they also predicted the end of the world but gave no date or year. They did mentioned about these 7 trumpets which is also mentioned in this book but I could never understand it except to say that to me it sounds like some kind of warning. According to this book one or two of those trumpets have already sounded.

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