Friday, August 5, 2016

Muslims students walk out on national anthem

Check this out about those damn immigrants that shouldn’t even be allowed to live here. Not all immigrants, but certainly many, should be sent right back from where they came. If I had the power I would send all those suckers and scroungers back to the hell hole they came from. Ungrateful buggers. 

Check out this and you will see what I mean. This happened in Australia but the problem is no less real here. I don’t care what country they immigrate to, they should adhere to the laws of that country. Why else even go there? Not too long ago on Facebook I read that some immigrants were offended by what was in our Bible and they wanted it changed. If what was in there offended them, tough. I have a Qur’an and there are a lot of things that are offending to us but we don’t make a fuss about it like many Muslim people would do if we criticized it. Some of us are faithful to our Bible but we would not kill anyone for criticizing it.

This is not your country (at this time at least, although Liberals seem to want to give it away) - you don't own it. And it is not your nationality and it will not be until you decide to adhere to our laws and our way of living. If I was in power I would make sure that the ones that would criticize or refuse to adhere to our way of living you would be deported faster than you would think that it could happen.

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